How To Grow Herbs for Health


Herbs are plants that people can use for medicinal, culinary and sanitizing purposes. Herbs such as cohosh, saw palmetto, rhodiola and arnica have been used for centuries to cure diseases, boost the immune system and even treat pain and inflammation. When creating an herb garden for health, avoid the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers, as these products will remove some of the herb's effectiveness.

Step 1

Select a flowerbed. Herbs love sunlight. In fact, most are extremely drought resistant and will not thrive unless they receive eight to ten hours of sunlight each day.

Step 2

Test the soil. Most herbs prefer a neutral to slightly acidic soil pH. If the soil is alkaline, pH of 7.1 or greater, sprinkle some sphagnum moss and coffee grounds onto the soil and till it in to a depth of one foot.

Step 3

Make the rows. Set up golf tees to separate the various rows. Tie a string to the golf tees to create distinguishing borders between rows. The string should sit just above the soil line.

Step 4

Plant the seeds. Follow the directions on the seed packages for exactly how they should be planted. Most herb seeds are extremely hardy and will not require much care, if any, for sprouting. For example, calendula seeds only need to be sprinkled on top of the soil.

Step 5

Label the rows. Post plant signs at the end of each row with the name of the herb.

Step 6

Water the garden. Herbs are drought resistant and will only require water when the bed dries out to a depth of one inch below the soil line.

Step 7

Prune the garden. Cut back the herbs when they encroach on another row or try to spread into the rest of your garden. Remember that many herbs would be considered weeds by most gardeners, because herbs are very efficient at spreading.

Things You'll Need

  • Sunny flower bed
  • Soil pH test
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Coffee grounds
  • Till
  • Golf tees
  • String
  • Herb seeds
  • Plant signs
  • Pruning sheers


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