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Though it may seem simple, lawn watering is a delicate set of processes involving the right timing, the right amount of water and the right environmental conditions for good watering. Information on lawn watering can help a lawn gardener figure out and correct watering problems to maintain a lush and beautiful lawn. Many online and offline lawn care resources offer information on lawn watering.

Get Educated

Information on lawn watering includes guidance about watering times, how much to water and watering-related diseases. Using information on lawn watering, a gardener can learn about soil problems that may affect proper watering. Problems with watering can be with watering technique or in the lawn soil environment, including soil with too much clay, sandy soil, or soil that does not drain well.

Where to Find Information

Types of publications that have information on lawn watering include newspapers, newsletters, lawn care books and water conservation pamphlets. College lawn care websites are reliable and comprehensive sources of lawn watering information. University agriculture departments often offer free lawn watering information on websites.


Understanding lawn watering techniques and information is a vital part of maintaining a healthy green lawn. Information on lawn watering can provide the help a gardener needs to fix watering-related lawn problems like overwatering and under watering, which can lead to lawn disease and brown grass.

Time Frame

Early morning is the best time to water the grass. Because the day is still cool, less water will be lost to evaporation. Watering in the early morning also ensures that the grass is dry when nightfall comes, preventing cool, wet conditions that can lead to lawn diseases.

Drought-Resistant Alternatives

Grass lawns require a great deal of water as compared to other green ground-covering plants. Plant herbs like thyme and chamomile, which can be used as a ground cover in areas with low to moderate foot traffic. Thyme is a common spice used frequently in tomato sauces, and chamomile is a popular non-caffeinated tea herb known for its soothing fragrance.

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