What is the Pineapple Sage Plant?


Pineapple sage is a fragrant flowering plant. The plant is native to Mexico and Guatemala, where it grows naturally in forests of oak and pine trees. In the United States, pineapple sage is cold hardy in gardening zones 8 through 11, where it grows as a perennial plant. North of zone 8, pineapple sage is treated as an annual plant because it cannot tolerate the colder climates.


The leaves of the pineapple sage are oval with a pointed end. They are bright green in color, and slightly fuzzy. Each leaf measures 2 to 4 inches long, and has serrated edges. The pineapple sage is related to the mint family, and like most mints, it has square stems on which the leaves grow. The leaves grow in pairs, directly opposite one another on the stems.


The pineapple sage plant produces bright red flowers on the ends of long, slender shoots. The flowers are tubular, with ends that flare outward. The flowers are very fragrant, and attract hummingbirds because of their scent and shape.


Pineapple sage grows rapidly, and according to floridata.com, a small plant is able to grow 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide within the span of one season. Grown in a container, the plant's size is limited to the space that the pot allows.


The pineapple sage plant is an edible plant. Both the leaves and the flowers are edible. Bruising or tearing the leaves releases its sweet pineapple flavor, which makes an refreshing addition to teas and other beverages. Shredded leaves can be added to fruit salads and other fruit dishes. The plant's sweet flowers are added to desserts, and can be candied or used fresh.


Pineapple sage plants are propagated with stem cuttings. Cuttings taken from the pineapple sage fare better if they are taken during the spring. Pieces of pineapple sage plants root equally well in moist potting mix or in a small container of filtered water.

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