Fast Growing Evergreen Trees

Include several evergreen trees in your landscaping, so your yard is not bare during the winter months. Plant them in a row for a year-round privacy screen to block out views and reduce noise. With fast growing varieties, you won't have to wait very long, before the tree screen is of use. An evergreen or two planted in your landscaping offers a different texture and coloring, making for a more interesting layout.

Norway Spruce

The dense, triangular-shaped, fast-growing Norway spruce will grow to a height of 50 feet and width of 25 feet at maturity. If grown for a screen the width will only span to 10 to 15 feet, however, as they are grown closer together. Consider these widths, when spacing your Norway spruce. This evergreen is adaptable to different types of soil and is drought resistant. It is cold hardy, growing in plant zones 2 through 7. It grows 2 to 3 feet every year for 25 years with exceptionally nutrient-rich soil and plenty of sunshine. In less than perfect conditions, it will grow about a foot per year. This is an easy-care evergreen, but will need additional water if you live in a dry climate.

Blue Sapphire Cyprus

The most drought tolerant of the evergreens, the blue sapphire Cyprus (also known as the Arizona Cyprus and Blue Cyprus) grows well in zones 7 through 9. This means that it is not very cold hardy. Make sure to check the planting zone of your location before choosing this evergreen. It grows about 3 feet a year. This evergreen needs little to no maintenance. They make an excellent property divider or privacy screen or can be used as a stand-alone tree. It will grow to a 40 foot mature height, but only span a width of 15 feet. It is adaptable to different soil types and will grow in a partially shaded through full-sunlight location.

Skyrocket Juniper

This thin evergreen grows in zones 3 through 8, making it a viable tree for many climate locations. The blue-green foliage is an added color change for landscaping. Growing about a foot per year (to 15 feet), it only has a mature width of between 2 and 3 feet. It matures in 10 to 15 years. Most appealing is that the skyrocket juniper is maintenance free, requiring no trimming, is drought resistant and is adaptable to different soils. A full-sun or partial-shade location for planting is fine. This evergreen is another good choice a privacy screen, when planted in a row.

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