List of Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes are grown in dozens of different varieties, all with their own distinct flavor, color and shape. Tomatoes are warm-season fruits that grow during the hot summer months when the soils are warm and the temperatures are high. They provide endless possibilities for meals and snacks and are ideal for canning or sliced fresh. Easy to grow within a small space, these hardy plants are a garden staple.


Brandywine tomatoes are an ideal slicing tomato that are versatile and easy to grow. They have pink flesh that is soft and juicy, ideal for tossing on a fresh salad. Brandywine tomatoes are hardy tomatoes that provide a plethora of sweet fruit throughout the summer. They are also grown in yellow and black varieties that are just as mouth-watering as the original red Brandywine. Keep the Brandywine tomato well watered, especially during overly warm days.


Beefmasters are large tomatoes with a moderate growth rate, and the shape of a Beefsteak. They are delicious sliced for sandwiches or canned for sauces and soups. Beefmaster tomatoes are late to mature and are popular for growing contests because of their extra-large size. Beefmasters have meaty red fruit that is firm and weighs up to 2 pounds. Stake these large tomatoes to keep the fruit from falling over. Beefmaster tomatoes require fertilizer ever three weeks. Water them frequently and regularly, especially if they are grown in containers.

Better Boy

Better Boy tomatoes are rapid growers that produce a large amount of fruit. Better Boys are bright red in color and have a medium shape that is firm. They weigh up to 1 pound and are crack-resistant and free of deformities, unlike the Beefmaster tomato. Better Boy tomatoes are hardy and can easily be trained to grow in a wire trellis or cage. These tough tomatoes require fertilizer every two to three weeks; water better boy tomatoes regularly.

Early Girl

Early Girl tomatoes are the first tomato to ripen during the season. Their fruit ranges from small to medium in size with a deep red color that is very tasty. Early Girl tomatoes provide a constant harvest during the summer and are the staple to the garden. They require a wire cage to support their high volume of fruit. If you grow Early Girls in containers, make sure to mulch with nutrient-rich material and water frequently.

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