Landscaping Wall Ideas

Think of your outdoor wall as the perfect space for extending your garden and creating a striking backdrop to the landscape. Add a fast-growing, creeping vine to cover the plain wall with bright blooms and foliage. Decorative elements like planters and baskets filled with plants are another way to disguise a once ugly spot in the garden. Other elements like a trickling water feature creates music to the vertical garden.

Creeping Grapevines

Grapevines are vigorously growing deciduous vines that will have the wall covered in a short time. The tendrils of grapevines are strong and easily attach themselves to the garden wall for a lush backdrop to the garden. The coarse green leaves of the grapevine create a jungle feel, and beginning in summer are covered with dangling bunches of grapes. Grapevines grow up to 23 feet long and can cover large or small landscape walls. Their summer display adds a decorative touch to a plain wall. In the fall, grapevine leaves turn a crimson bronze color, adding a showy design to your landscape.

Wall Fountain

Add a soothing wall-mounted water feature to the landscape to create your own serene oasis. Wall features such as a two-tiered fountain add a tricking display to any space along the wall. Water shoots out of the mounted spout and into tiers below. The bottom basin circulates the water around and provides a spot for growing colorful floating water plants like water lilies and poppies. These versatile fountains can be used on any size wall. Along the edge of the wall fountain, add water-loving plants like hostas and ferns.

Wall-mounted Planters

Bring life to the garden wall using wall-mounted planters. These flat-backed planters come in a range of sizes, shapes and colors and are easily attached to a garden wall. They look striking mounted every 2 to 3 feet or sporadically mounted for a whimsical design. Begin by using nutrient-laden soil inside the planter to ensure a healthy and happy plant. Fill the planter with bright blooms like trailing petunia flowers. Petunia blooms are grown in a rainbow of colors and have a draping quality that is essential in a planter. Their cascading foliage and ever-blooming ability will have the landscape lit up with texture and color. Along the front and sides of the planter, add greenery like a trailing sedum or thyme. Both have bright green foliage to set off the bright blooms and create a well-balanced planter.

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