How to Mow Bermuda Grass Sprigs


Bermuda grass is planted from sod, seed, plugs or sprigs. Sprigs are Bermuda grass rhizomes and stolons (above ground runners where the grass grows) and are broadcast like seeds when planted. In order to mow sprigs, you first must wait until they grow into grass and reach a height of about 3 inches. If your climate is still experiencing frost, wait until spring after the last frost to mow.

Step 1

Set the mower to about 2 inches high. There is usually a lever to do this at each wheel. You can cut Bermuda grass as low as 1/2 inch, but this is usually reserved for golf courses, athletic fields or other professionally maintained lawns that are mowed several times a week and are watered and fertilized more frequently.

Step 2

Mow in straight lines, one row at a time. If desired, you can create patterns, such as a checkerboard. Simply mow back and forth (such as north/south) until your lawn is cut. Then go over it again, but in the opposite direction (such as east/west).

Step 3

Mow frequently. As a general rule, only mow off a third of the total height of the grass. So, if you are keeping your grass at 2 inches high, mow when it reaches no higher than 3 inches. If desired, you can keep your Bermuda grass at a greater height, but don't mow more than a third of its height at any given time.

Step 4

Rake and bag up (or compost) the clippings from the first mowing in the spring, but after that only when the cuttings are clumpy (or if you prefer to have them removed). Grass cuttings decompose and add valuable nutrients to the soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Rotary mower
  • Rake
  • Bag


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