Types of Venus Flytraps

This carnivorous plant is well-known for eating flies, in addition to the usual plant diet of water and soil nutrients. The venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is the only species, but there are many cultivars. The flytrap has hairy spikes around a mouth-like opening that closes on insects when it feels something brush against the hairy spikes. The venus flytrap is native to the Carolinas, but is grown indoors throughout the U.S.

Clayton's Red Sunset

This cultivar is popular for its red coloring and long, skinny petioles. Though Clayton's Red Sunset loses its foliage in the winter, the plant remains red.

Justin Davis

This cultivar is completely green and the spines may have multiple divisions. The spines are also present on the tips of the trap lobes, in addition to along the petioles. The inside of the trap is a creamy white.


There are three cultivars that include dragon in the name--green dragon, petite dragon and red dragon. The green dragon has some red on the trap area, but the edges are always green. The petite dragon is a smaller version of the red dragon, which is a dark red plant. The petite version is smaller and has bifurcated flower stalks.

Wacky Traps

This cultivar is named for the odd shape of the traps, which are not completely developed and resemble succulent leaves rather than traps. The traps on this cultivar are not as deep as others and the spines are less distinct than on other cultivars. The inside of the trap is rose and cream while the exterior is green.

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