Flower Arrangement Tips

All those flowers out in your garden add beauty to your outdoor space. Bring that beauty indoors by using cuttings from flowers in your garden to create an attractive display. If you want your designs to look good and last longer, just follow a few simple flower arrangement tips.

Tools and Materials

Flowers often won't just stay in place on their own. Different materials and tools can be used to make the flowers stay put. One of the most versatile of these is floral foam--green foam blocks that can be cut and sized to fit just about any container with ease. Saturate the foam with water to keep the flowers blooming longer. Floral stem tape can strengthen, hold and extend stems, while waterproof tape can adhere even to the saturated floral foam.


Not every arrangement needs to be in a vase. Baskets work well for floral arrangements when they are filled with floral foam. Small glasses and jars are good for single flowers. Bottles can serve the same purpose. Tin cans, stripped of any labels, can lend a shabby-chic feel to an arrangement.


Consider the shape of the overall arrangement that you are creating. Flower arrangements can be shaped in circles, crescents, triangles, S-curves, arcs and be placed at a right angle, to start with. To make these shapes, place a minimal amount of stems in the container to make the basic shape. Then add other stems and greenery to the arrangement to fill it out, as desired.

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