How to Stake Pole Beans With Cane Poles


Pole beans produce an abundant harvest if they are properly supported. These climbing bean plants reach heights of 6 feet or more, so without support they sprawl over the bed and become prone to disease and rot. Using bamboo canes as supports is inexpensive and requires no special tools. The canes are readily available at garden centers and home improvement stores. These bamboo cane bean towers can be reused each year in the garden, so they only must be constructed once.

Step 1

Lay three 5- to 6-foot-tall bamboo canes side-by-side. Use canes that are at least 1 inch in diameter. Mark each cane at 1-foot intervals up the length of the cane, ensuring the marks match up with the other two canes.

Step 2

Drill a ¼-inch hole through each 1-foot mark on each of three canes. Drill a final hole 3 inches down from the top of each cane.

Step 3

Thread sturdy twine through the hole at the top of the canes. Wrap the twine around the three canes, lashing them together, then tie securely.

Step 4

Spread the bottom of the canes apart to form a tripod and set it in the area of the garden where you will grow the beans. Push the legs 2 to 5 inches into the soil to help anchor the bean tower.

Step 5

Thread twine through the bottom hole on one of the canes and tie it in place. Thread it through the same height hole in the next cane, then in the final cane and tie in place. Repeat for each set of holes in the three canes until you have a bamboo tripod that has twine wrapped around it at 1-foot intervals.

Step 6

Plant five bean seeds at a 1-inch depth around each leg of the bean tower. When the beans begin growing, guide the shoots onto the legs of the tower by curling them around the poles or twine. They will continue to climb on their own, covering both the legs and the twine with their vines.

Things You'll Need

  • Bamboo canes
  • Drill
  • Twine


  • University of Nebraska Extension: Build a Bean Tower
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