Flower Box Craft Ideas

Any common household item can be converted into decorative or useful craft. One such item is a flower box. Whether you have flower boxes made of plastic, wood or clay, transform it to create charming displays for your home and garden. These containers can be as useful as they are stylish.

Country Style

Take a plain, inexpensive plastic window box and give it a country style makeover. Glue craft sticks around the entire outside of the window box with a hot glue gun. The sticks, lined up vertically along the window box, will look like a picket fence. If you like, paint the sticks before gluing them on or stencil designs on them after they've been glued to the box.

Indoor Flower Box

Plant a flower box with fake flowers for an indoor display. Place lovely and realistic-looking silk flowers in floral foam blocks, and put your box on an indoor windowsill, side table or shelf to show it off. For a more whimsical look, appropriate for a child's room or classroom, make brightly colored tissue paper flowers or paper flowers with smiling faces taped to green pipe cleaner stems. Cover the floral foam with gravel, wood chips, dried Spanish moss or black felt to hide it from view.

Garden Tool Holder

An old wooden flower box can be transformed into a holder for garden tools. Paint the planter with floral decorations and stencil the word "tools" across it or one of your favorite gardening phrases. By putting smaller plastic starter pots into the box, you can use it as an organizer for hand tools, gloves, seed packets, plant markers and other small but useful items you want to keep on hand.

Kitchen Tool Holder

Create a kitchen tool holder out of a flower box. After decorating a flower box and putting smaller plastic pots inside, you can keep it on your dining room side table to house cutlery or on a counter top to hold cooking spoons, ladles and tongs. Instead of putting plastic pots inside, place it on a baker's rack or pantry shelf to hold bottles of oil, vinegar, jelly and honey jars.

Candle Holder

Fill a long, decorative flower box with gravel, sand or kitty litter to make an attractive holder for candles. The flower box can be a decorative craft to display on a formal dining room table or on a picnic table in the yard. For safety, use terra cotta, clay or stone window boxes and never burn candles unattended. Painting the flower box, tying a ribbon around it or gluing glass pebbles to it can further spruce it up.


If you can get two or three wooden flower boxes of equal length, you've got the makings for a small, rustic-style shelving unit, appropriate for housing trinkets in any room. They must be stacked, on their side, with the openings all facing the same way, and screwed securely together. Paint them or leave them bare, and hang them on the wall.

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