How to Buy German Butterball Seed Potatoes


The delicious taste of German butterball potatoes sets them apart from other potato varieties. As any gardener who has grown these buttery-flavored potatoes can tell you, seeking German butterball seed potatoes out is well worth the effort. You'll want to find your source and be ready to buy German butterball seed potatoes as winter ends so you can get them started in your garden in the spring.

Step 1

Ask family, friends or co-workers who have grown German butterballs where they bought their seed potatoes, how well the crop grew and if they would buy from that supplier again.

Step 2

Search in your local area for greenhouses or feed and farm stores that offer seed potatoes to see if they carry the German butterball variety. Finding the potatoes locally can often save you money in shipping.

Step 3

Check with the agricultural department for your state to get a listing of certified seed potato suppliers in your area, and contact them to see if German butterballs are available.

Step 4

Look online at garden websites, such as and, to order butterball seed potatoes by the pound. As of the 2010 growing season, the cost is anywhere from 20 to 25 dollars for six pounds of seed potatoes, but shipping may vary.

Step 5

Check seed catalogs from various suppliers to compare prices and availability. Most seed catalogs offer ordering by mail, phone and the internet, making payment convenient.

Step 6

Prepare an online, mail or phone order ahead of time to add the German butterball seed potatoes to other seeds or plants you want. Some companies will give shipping discounts or provide free shipping when orders reach a predetermined amount, so ordering everything from one supplier could benefit your wallet.

Tips and Warnings

  • When you select your seed potatoes by hand, or they come in the mail, look them over well. A good seed potato should look clean, undamaged and ready to eat. A potato that appears diseased, rotted or otherwise inedible is not worth planting, as the plant and subsequent potatoes may suffer.


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Who Can Help

  • State Departments of Agriculture
  • A directory of seed catalogs
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