How to Make Worm Compost Bins


A quick way to make compost for your garden is to practice vermicomposting. By feeding your kitchen scraps to red worms, you can be churning out rich nutrients for use in your garden every day. Take time to set up your bin and get your worms started, and after a month you'll be ready for adding kitchen scraps to your worm compost bin daily. One lb. of worms in a healthy bin when kept at room temperature can break down as much as 1 lb. of scraps a day.

Step 1

Turn the bin upside down and drill 10, ¼-inch holes into the bottom of the bin. Keep the holes away from the edges to leave 4 inches of undisturbed base on all sides. Turn the bin to its sides and make eight holes into each side.

Step 2

Flip the bin back to right side up and lay the screen piece in the bottom. Place the bin in a closet, pantry, or basement where it will be easy to get to.

Step 3

Lift the bin. Slip bricks under it and adjust the bricks to rest under the sides of the bin without blocking any of the drilled drainage holes.

Step 4

Spread out the towel under the bin between the bricks as flat as possible. Set your baking pan or plastic tray on the towel underneath the bin below the drain holes.

Step 5

Wet your strips of newspaper to dampen them so they aren't dripping wet or still crinkling when shifted. Fill the bin one strip at a time with the damp newspaper anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 full, leaving the paper fluffed to created spaces between pieces.

Step 6

Put 2 cups of coffee grounds or fine sand on the newspaper in the bin, followed by your worms. Close the lid and allow the worms to acclimate for a week undisturbed.

Step 7

Place 4 cups of kitchen scraps into the bin after the first week and every four to five days for the first month. After the first month you can add kitchen material daily as you make it. Egg shells and vegetable trimmings work particularly well.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never use animal products like oils, fats, meat, cheese, or dairy products in your bin as the worms won't consume them and can cause odors.

Things You'll Need

  • 20-by-30-inch plastic bin with lid
  • Drill
  • ¼-inch drill bit
  • 20-by-30-inch piece of screen material
  • Bricks
  • Old towel
  • Old baking pan or plastic tray 2 inches deep
  • Shredded strips of newspaper
  • Water
  • Coffee grounds or fine sand
  • 1 lb. red wiggler worms
  • Kitchen scraps


  • "The Rodale Guide to Composting;" Jerry Minnich and Marjorie Hunt; 1979
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