How to Prune Dark Lord Geraniums


Lord Bute is one of the darkest flowering geranium cultivars on the market, with blackish, wine-colored petal edges trimmed in deep crimson red. Like all geraniums, Lord Butes thrive in full sun or light afternoon shade, moist soil and a cool root zone protected by mulch. Geraniums should be pruned lightly throughout the year to keep them tidy.

Step 1

Deadhead spent flower stalks throughout the spring, summer and fall after each individual flower on the stalk has opened and died back to encourage new bloom. Clip the stem down at the main trunk of the plant or to the crown of the plant and discard it.

Step 2

Prune Dark Lord geranium plants for size or shape every few years (if needed) in the fall, after bloom has finished for the year. Cut back foliage, branches and stems to fit the growing space or restore the desired shape to the plant. Remove only the material that is absolutely necessary and never more than one-third of the overall plant tissues in any pruning session.

Step 3

Tidy your Dark Lord geranium in the early spring to remove dead leaves or branches that may have been damaged and not survived the winter. Cut back to a point of healthy, living plant tissue and discard the cuttings. Remove only dead tissue and refrain from cutting branches where flower buds are developing.

Step 4

Harvest flower stalks of Lord Bute at their peak beauty for use in small cut flower arrangements. Cut flower stalks with fully developed floret buds and at least a few of the flowers already unfurled.

Things You'll Need

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