How to Decorate with Seagrass


Seagrass, a flowering aquatic plant, grows in shallow waters, where it uses sunlight to thrive and grow. Coastal areas are lush with these interesting plants, and their uses are plentiful. Decorating your home or patio area with seagrass will provide your home with a rustic style.

Step 1

Separate the seagrass to straighten it out, then bundle it together, grasping it firmly in your hand.

Step 2

Bind the seagrass together by tying a bow around the bundle with the silk ribbon.

Step 3

Place the bundled seagrass into the vase, with the flowering sides exposed. Fan the seagrass with your fingers to make it appear wider. Allow the bow to dangle outside of the vase.

Step 4

Place the vase on your dinner table or on a patio table for a botanical and attractive decor piece.

Things You'll Need

  • One pound fresh seagrass
  • One 12-inch-long silk ribbon
  • One 12-inch-tall decorative vase


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