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Asiatic lilies are members of the Liliaceae (lily family). The plant is a herbaceous perennial from a bulb. There are more than 100 species of Asiatic hybrids. Even though lilies can be found growing in the wild in most temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, more 60 percent of known lily species live in eastern Asia, Korea, Manchuria and Japan.


Asiatic hybrids are the result of centuries of cross-breeding different species of lilies. Some hybrids have become more popular over the years than others. The Asiatic gironde is one of those hybrids.

Asiatic Gironde

The gironde is popular as a cut flower. Its long-lasting blooms and great color make it an obvious choice to be used in bouquets.

Asiatic Gironde Characteristics

The gironde is a hybrid with bold yellow trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in early summer. The flowers are 4 to 5 inches in diameter. The stems can grow 20 to 36 inches tall with thin green leaves and can hold three to 12 flowers per stem. They can be used for general garden use or in mass planting. Due to their height, they can be underplanted with other perennials or annuals.

Asiatic Gironde Care

Lilies require full sun to partial shade. Average to moist soil is best as they will not do well in standing water. The gironde need to be cut back in late fall to prepare the plant for winter.


A number of species of lilies are native to Europe and North America, but it was the introduction of the Asian species into North America and Europe in the 19th and early 20th centuries that inspired the great interest in cultivating lilies. Plant breeders continue today to try to develop a plant that is nearly disease resistant and even more beautiful.

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