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Window boxes are classic accessories to your landscape that can be filled with colorful flowers and vibrant foliage for a showy design to a home's exterior. For a long-lasting window-box display, plant perennial blooms that have the ability to grow back fuller and taller. Remember that drainage is important for a window box, so make sure there are pre-drilled holes lining the box bottom to allow water to drain.


Create an aromatic window box using different herbs in varying heights, shapes and widths for a well-balanced design. Herb window boxes right outside a kitchen window create easy access when cooking meals. Begin by adding taller herbs like basil, cilantro and dill to the back of the box for a lush backdrop. Along the middle of the window box, tuck in medium-sized, low-growing herbs like sage, chives and marjoram. Their clumping form helps to fill out the space to create a full design. Trailing and creeping herbs are ideal for the sides and front of the window box. These help to define the space and create a cascading design. Trailing herbs include creeping thyme and oregano. With their draping foliage and creeping ability, they add ambiance to landscape and help to balance out the taller herbs.


Annual blooms are hardy plants that typically grow one season before dying down. Even though they have a short growing season, they are perfect for creating new looks to the home. Hardy annual plants like pansies are colorful blooms to tuck into the window box for a bright burst of color. There are dozens of varieties of pansy blooms to choose from, each with their own color combination, to create a striking design. Draping annuals like petunias are also ideal along the front of the window box for a trailing effect. Petunias are grown in a range of colors--including purple, red, blue, pink and white.


Perennial flowers are hardy plants to grow inside the window box for a long-lasting window box design. A hardy perennial to grow inside the box is candytuft. This spring-blooming perennial grows 8 to 19 inches tall and wide with white billowing blooms for a showy look to the home. Alongside the candytuft blooms, you can plant colorful gerbera daisies. These perennial blooms are grown in a wide range of bright colors, such as red, orange, yellow and magenta. Tucked within a window box, they jazz up the home with their vibrant blooms.

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