How to Start a Ryobi Cultivator


Ryobi cultivators are convenient tools for any home gardener. The Ryobi cultivator uses a pull rope to start the engine much like a push lawnmower. When starting the Ryobi for the first time in the season, it may take several attempts. Before attempting to start the cultivator make sure there is proper fuel in the tank and check the oil. Start the cultivator with the tines on the ground and not in a tip position.

Step 1

Place the On/Off button into the "On" position. The On/Off button is between the motor and the left handlebar.

Step 2

Press the primer bulb five to seven times with your finger until you see fuel in the bulb. The primer bulb is on the rear of the engine facing the handle grips.

Step 3

Position the choke lever into the "Full" choke position. You will find the choke lever on top of the air cleaner housing.

Step 4

Squeeze the throttle control with one hand and pull on the starter rope three times very briskly. You will notice a difference in the resistance by the second pull and the engine should sound like it wants to start.

Step 5

Position the throttle lever to the "Partial" position while still squeezing the throttle control. Pull on the starter rope three more times until the engine starts. Continue holding the throttle lever to allow the engine to warm up before starting to work the soil.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep hands and feet away from the cultivator tines when starting the cultivator.

Things You'll Need

  • Ryobi cultivator


  • Ryobi: 2-Cycle Cultivator Owner's Manual
  • Ryobi: Ryobi Cultivators
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