Modern Flower Arrangement Ideas

Modern flower arrangements rely on clean lines, form and geometric shapes for their impact, drama and intrigue. The focus is on the arrangement; the flowers just happen to be part of it. Traditional floral arrangements show off the flowers. Let a few flowers from the garden show off in a modern arrangement.

Containers Used in Unusual Ways

Traditional floral arrangements use the container to simply hold the flowers together, while modern arrangements use the container to hold the flowers, support the flowers, even enclose the flowers. The container is just as important. Try a tall cylindrical vase with three stems of gerbera daises---inside the vase and leaning against it. Cover the bottom of the vase with glass marbles to support the stems. Add a few stems of bear grass to echo the line of the gerbera daisies. Vary the look with one stem of orchids instead of the three daisies. Use that same vase in a different way. Place two identical small, short arrangements, one in the bottom of the vase and one in a container just large enough to set on top of the vase. Or fill a vase halfway with water and float a few open roses. Anchor the flowers to a metal floral frog. Place the frog and flowers in the bottom of the vase. Fill the vase so the flowers are underwater. Add a layer of marbles or sea glass to hide the frog. The frog will keep them in place. The arrangement won't last long, but will be stunning.

Geometric Shapes

Cover a round ball of floral foam with chrysanthemums. Place the ball on the top of a round vase. The vase may be empty because the stems of the mums are in the floral foam, not the vase. Echo the arrangement with one larger or smaller on either side. Set up three identical arrangements down the center of a coffee table. Vary the shades of the arrangements so they're the same color but different tones, such as pale pink, medium pink and dark pink. Fill an oblong glass container with a few inches of water. Add a layer of bivalve seashells such as scallops, oysters and periwinkles on the bottom of the container. Echo the shape and color of the seashells with a row of white or cream orchids down the center.


Use vastly different elements in the arrangement that have the same shape and color in a contrasting-shaped container. For example: Place hen-and-chick succulents that have rosette shapes with greenish-white dahlias, hydrangea and mums on a bed of black river-rock stones, held in a square black container. Combine flowers that are the same color but are drastically different in shape. The arrangement to be effective should have the flowers all about the same size.

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