How to Graft Calus Wine Grapes


Wine grapes are specially grafted and bred varieties of grapes that provide a particular flavor of wine. Calus is a cellular process that must occur of the roots of a cutting in order for the rooting to take. Calus root stock is hardy, disease resistant and excellent for grafting.

Step 1

Select some young budwood from a desired species of wine grapes during the late fall and early winter months. The budwood should have at least one leaf bud, ideally more as this will encourage healthy sprouting. Slice the budwood from its plant at an angle.

Step 2

Cut a wedge into the stalk of the calus wine root stock. The wedge should be through the center of the stalk and be roughly two inches deep.

Step 3

Slide the budwood into the wedge very gently so as to not damage either piece. Push them together until the green middle layers match up.

Step 4

Paint the entire graft with two layers of grafting compound.

Step 5

Keep the graft in a warm, light place for eight weeks and watch for the leaf buds to grow. Once the vine forms leaves, place the plant outdoors in direct sunlight.

Step 6

Transplant the vine after 12 weeks, or at the first signs of consistent warm weather.

Things You'll Need

  • Budwood
  • Wedge knife
  • Scion knife
  • Grafting compound
  • Paint brush


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