Easy Ways to Grow Bean Plants

Bean plants are fun to grow. Many varieties of beans exist that are either bush type plants or pole (vine) plants; some, such as lima, green and yellow beans, come in both types. Bean plants are not hard to grow; easy ways to grow bean plants are available, making them among the simplest types of vegetable to have in a garden.

Fence Trellis

Use the fence trellis method to grow bean plants on standing fences. Plant the pole beans an inch from the fence with a depth of 1 inch, 2 inches apart. Keep the soil moist and free from weeds or grass. Look for the runners when the bean plants get 2 inches high. Wind the runners around the wire fence or fence post once. The bean plant will train itself and grow up the fence creating an instant trellis.


Use an old swing set or make a frame by using two 4-by-4 posts for legs with a 2-by-4 nailed flat across their tops. Wind string around the cross beam or pole every 2 inches. Cut each length of string to reach the ground. Attach a large bolt or roofing nail to the lower end of the string. Drive the bolt or nail into the ground; you can stretch the string out at an angle to form an "A" frame. If you do use an "A" frame, tie a string alongside the previous string and stretch it out in the opposite direction to double usable space. Plant the bean seeds at the base of the strings 1 inch into the ground. Look for the runners once the plants are 2 inches high. Wind the runners around the string and let them grow up the string.


Bush beans are the easiest type of bean plant to grow. Locate well-draining dry soil for the bush bean plants. Set the seeds 1 inch deep. Set rows of seeds 2 to 4 inches apart; if you plant multiple rows, set the rows at least 18 inches apart. Use mounds for multiple bush bean plants. Set five seeds per mound, 1 inch deep each. Set the mounds 30 inches from each other; use this method for growing bush beans in corners, around the edge of gardens or in limited space.

Hanging Planters

Use hanging planters or pots when there is no ground space. Both pole and bush bean plants can be grown this way. Use good quality potting soil. Make sure the planters have enough clearance where they are hanging from so the bush beans can grow to their normal height. Keep the hanging planters up high for pole beans as the vines will be long. An alternative to this method would be to hang planters off of clothes lines or poles; then wind the plant runners around the clothes line once and allow them to grow sideways along the line.

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