Flower Bouquet Ideas

If you have a flowerbed in the garden, do yourself and the flowers a favor. Cut lots of blossoms and bring them inside the house. Cutting the flowers will force the plants to throw out more buds and blooms. Flowers in the house add color, beauty and scent to any room. Plunge the flowers in ice water as soon as you've cut them, and let them rest for an hour before arranging.

Cake Pans

Cake pans come in many different shapes and sizes. Fill the pan with floral foam to an inch within the rim. Place the pan in the sink for 20 minutes so the foam becomes soaked with water. Lift out and drain the water so it's just below the rim. Cover the foam with sphagnum moss. Wrap the moss tightly around the pan so the shape is still apparent. A heart pan filled with red, white and pink flowers is appropriate for Valentine's Day or an anniversary celebration. Peonies, gerbera daisies, and carnations work well, but any big flower will do. Fill a circular pan with sunflowers. Or make concentric circles within the pan starting with red roses in the center, white chrysanthemums in a circle around the roses and blue hydrangea around the mums for an Independence Day, Memorial Day or Labor Day celebration. Make a Jack-o-lantern face in the round pan with orange marigolds and black paper cut-outs for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Tea Cups

Scout flea markets, garage and tag sales for flowered tea cups and saucers. Fill the tea cups with wet floral foam. Arrange flowers in the foam that match the flowers on the tea cup. Another alternative is to use small flowers, cut short and packed tightly to fill the cups. Pansies, geraniums and nasturtiums are good choices. Float a single flower in the tea cup. Cut the stem just shorter than the depth of the cup. The flower should fill the cup (if not, use three flowers). Roses, hibiscus and hollyhocks look lovely. Set up a tea service with each piece of china filled with flowers.


Ice is not long lasting but is breathtaking. Fill the bottom of a glass bowl with flowers facing up. Add water to cover the tops of the flowers. Freeze solid. Place another glass bowl inside the first. There should be an inch of space between the walls of the second bowl and the first. Push flowers down the side space, with fronts of flowers facing toward the outside of the bowl. Fill the space with ice-cold water. Add dried beans to weigh down the second bowl if necessary. Freeze solid at least overnight. Remove the bowls from freezer. Gently slide bowls from inside and outside of what is now a frozen flower bowl. Fill the bowl with flowers. Do not add water; it will melt the frozen bowl too quickly. Other alternatives are freezing a tower of flowers using a square juice container. Place a votive candle on the top and fill it with hot water to melt a depression in the ice, and then place a candle in the depression. Arrange fresh flowers around the base of the tower.

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