Landscaping Ideas & Layouts

Landscape around the home with a mix of different colors, textures and shapes to create a natural look to the space. Use flowers that come back each year fuller and taller to ensure the landscape is with bright foliage and color all year long. Add a space for living and entertaining to bring you outdoors to enjoy nature. Sit back and relax inside your cozy outdoor retreat.

Water Feature

Bring in the tranquil sound of cascading water to the landscape. Water features create a soothing sound and are focal points in outdoor spaces like courtyards and patios. Many varieties of water features exist to choose from, depending on your preference and the amount of space inside the landscape. Small container water fountains provide a calming and relaxing feel but without overwhelming the space. They attract birds and wildlife to the garden and transform the space into your own private oasis. Large fountains like multi-tiered fountains have multiple levels and a catch basin at the bottom to circulate the water. These fountains are larger and look striking along a front-yard space to help draw the eye in.

Fire Pit

Add a backyard fire pit to the landscape to enjoy warm summer nights and roasting marshmallows with friends and family. Fire pits instantly bring a cozy and inviting feel to the space. Moveable fire pits are versatile because they provide just as much pizazz as a large pit, but can be moved around the landscape and easily stored in the winter. Around the fire pit, lay small rocks or pebbles to create a safe environment. Comfortable chairs like Adirondack chairs are ideal surrounding the pit. Burn sweet-smelling woods like apple and cherry. These fragrant woods add ambiance to the space and will permeate the landscape with their sweet scent.

Colorful Path

Create a functional path along the landscape to lead you to different areas of the garden. Garden paths are versatile and can be installed on garden slopes as well as flat land. Curve the layout of a garden path to create a whimsical design or straight for a more traditional path. Stone paths using crush pebbles or granite are simple to create and easy to maintain. They are soft under foot and help with erosion, especially on garden banks. Define your garden path with perennial flowers and plants. Grow colorful black-eyed Susans to add bright bursts of yellow blooms to the path. Ornamental grasses with their billowing form are also striking plants. Over time, the layout of the garden path will evolve and take shape for a long-lasting design.

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