How to Clean the Debris in Venus Fly Traps


Venus fly traps grow indoors in closed containers to retain high humidity levels. These plants are carnivorous. These plants have three to five hair-like triggers that snap shut. Digestive juices release from the plant to consume the food. The plant slowly reopens after finishing the meal, typically a few days. Sometimes airborne debris or leftovers from the meals remain in the Venus fly trap. Gardeners can test their agility skills and patience by cleaning the debris in Venus fly trap plants. According to the International Carnivorous Plant Society, it is not always necessary to remove debris from Venus fly traps.

Step 1

Pick up the container with the plant. Place in a well-lit area to perform the debris removal procedure.

Step 2

Take the cover off the container. Set cover aside.

Step 3

Place water in a spray bottle. Mist any sections of the plant containing debris.

Step 4

Replace container lid. Wait for a couple hours until water releases debris from the plant's walls.

Step 5

Remove the container cover.

Step 6

Pick up a pair of tweezers. Lean over the plant to look into the area with debris or leftover food. Carefully extract the debris with the tweezers, avoiding the trigger hairs.

Step 7

Dispose of the debris.

Step 8

Replace container cover. Return the plant back to its original display and growing location.

Tips and Warnings

  • Never force a Venus fly trap open. If the trap springs shut during debris removal, wait for the plant naturally to reopen the trap.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Water
  • Tweezers


  • International Carnivorous Plant Society: Fly Traps
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