Ideas for Landscaping Patios

Patio spaces are versatile areas for outdoor living and dining. Nestled within a backyard space, a patio surrounded by colorful plantings and flowers creates your very own private oasis. Patio accessories are also essential to the space. A comfortable set of chairs along with a few accent tables creates a space to sit back, relax and watch your landscape and gardens grow.

Vine-Covered Pergola

Create a shaded patio with a vine-covered pergola. A pergola can be fit to any size patio to create a commanding presence to the landscape. Around the base of the pergola posts, grow hardy creeping vines that produce colorful flower blooms for a showy outdoor space. Rapidly growing vines like morning glories and wisteria will have the pergola covered in no time. Morning glory blooms are grown in a wide range of colors including white, yellow, lilac and blue. As their name indicates, they open up at dawn to swirl to a close at dusk. Wisteria, another vigorous growing vine, has fragrant, draping purple blooms. Beginning in spring, wisteria blooms emerge to cover the pergola. For added warmth to the patio, nestle a set of outdoor lights among the creeping vines to create a magical glow to the space.

Patio Path

Decorative yet functional, a stone patio path leads the way to your retreat while adding a focal point to the garden. A stone patio path made from slate or flagstone is a great way to bring you outdoors to meander along the path to the patio. To create the path, lay the stones as wide as you wish, at least 2 feet wide for a normal walking path. In between the stones, lay small pebbles or a fresh layer of mulch to contrast with the earth-colored stones. Along the border of the patio path, grow perennial flowers and plants to define the space. Low-growing flowers like candytuft have small puff-ball-like blooms that will spread along the path for a classic look. Creeping plants like sedum and thyme are ideal along the border to trail around the stones for a lush look to the space. The mulch also serves to help the plants retain moisture, especially during the hot summer months when water is limited.

Colorful Containers

Containers are ideal for any size or shape of patio. Often, the patio does not have soil close by for landscaping, so containers offer the ability to grow your favorite blooms. Containers come in different sizes and shapes, some made in bright colorful glazes while others are more traditional like terra-cotta pots. Containers look balanced when you have at least a trio resting along the patio border to create a miniature container garden. For large containers, plant ornamental grasses like fountain grass or blue fescue. These highly textured and hardy plants are drought-resistant perennials that have arching foliage and a billowing form, ideal inside a large container. They also grow back each year to create a long-lasting design to the patio. For shaded patio spaces, plant bright green ferns and hostas to create a warm and inviting feel to your space.

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