How to Use the AreoGarden Seed Starter Kit


Using an AeroGarden is an easy, healthy way to grow fresh herbs and vegetables year round, regardless of winter cold. To use it, you must first start your seeds with the enclosed seed starter kit. Luckily, it is not difficult. Almost everything you need is included with the kit. All you will need to provide is electricity and water. Within a few days of setup, you will see your new plants growing beautifully.

Step 1

Remove the AeroGarden Bio-Dome seed starter pods from their package. You will see a plastic basket filled with gray rock foam, which is used as the growth medium for your AeroGarden plants. This foam already has seeds planted inside, and comes with a clear plastic dome to be set over the basket to act as a mini-greenhouse.

Step 2

Fill the AeroGarden tank with the recommended mix of water and nutrient tablets. AeroGardens come in different sizes and capacities, so the amount of water and nutrient required for your AeroGarden is best determined by the instructions that came with your AeroGarden. Nutrient tablets are enclosed with all AeroGarden seed kits.

Step 3

Replace the top tray of the AeroGarden once you have filled the tank with water and nutrient tabs. It will click into place when it has been properly aligned.

Step 4

Place the seed pods in the holes in the tray of your AeroGarden. Seed kits are designed with very specific placement in mind, because plants require different amounts of light. Refer to the instructions included with your particular seed kit for proper placement of your seed pods. This will ensure that they get the proper amount of light and do not block each other from it.

Step 5

Plug your AeroGarden into a nearby electrical socket. Do not plug it in without filling it with water first, as running the pump while it is dry may damage it.

Step 6

Turn on the grow light and follow the directions included with your particular seed kit regarding how to set your model for the light cycle appropriate for the type of plants you are growing.

Things You'll Need

  • AeroGarden
  • AeroGarden seed starter kit
  • Water
  • Electrical outlet


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