Rainbird Sprinkler Types

Rainbird manufactures and distributes a range of products for constructing and maintaining both residential and commercial irrigation systems. An essential part of the systems is the sprinkler. Sprinklers are designed to actually deliver the water to an area to be irrigated. Rainbird produces several different types sprinklers, each with its own benefits and applications.

Impact Sprinklers

Rainbird produces a number of different impact sprinklers. As water flows through an impact sprinkler, it is sprayed in a stream through a nozzle. The stream hits a spring-loaded armature, which is momentarily pushed aside by the water. The armature then returns to its original position, impacting the stream, interrupting its flow and disbursing the water. This repeated action also turns the sprinkler, allowing it to spray over a predetermined area. A mechanical switch on the back of the sprinkler, which controls the area the sprinkler head will cover, is activated by wire or plastic stops that can be manually set. Some Rainbird impact sprinklers are made of brass and stainless steel, providing a high level of durability. Other less expensive models, made of metal and plastic, are also available. Some types of Rainbird impact sprinklers can be concealed within the ground and will pop up from plastic enclosures when water pressure is applied.

Rotor Sprinklers

Rotors sprinklers are self-contained, gear-driven devices that provide water in a steady stream. Unlike impact sprinklers, that have a characteristic sound when operating, rotor sprinklers are generally silent. When water pressure is applied through piping at the base of the sprinkler, the unit will pop up a spray head. The spray head then turns in a smooth arc to water a given area. The arc can be adjusted to any angle. The distance of the spray can also be adjusted. Rainbird rotor sprinklers come in a range of sizes and spray patterns. These sprinklers are designed to be concealed within the ground and are only visible when operating.

Spray Heads

Spray heads are similar, in form, to rotor sprinklers. However, they do not rotate. Spray heads simply provide a fixed spray pattern and angle to cover a given area. Some spray heads are attached to irrigation systems in a visible position, while others can be concealed and will pop up when activated. Rainbird spray heads come in either fixed pattern nozzles or nozzles that can be manually adjusted. They are particularly effective for irrigating shrubbery, gardens and restricted areas where other sprinklers cannot be easily used.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems provide a steady stream of water at a very slow rate. The water is delivered through multiple sections of thin tubing that each have a small spray head attached to the end. The spray head is then placed close to the root zone of a plant that requires regular watering. Low water pressure is required to operate the system. Drip irrigation is perfect for watering potted plants, shrubbery, gardens and raised beds.

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