Types of Desert Flowers

The desert biome contains a vast amount of flora, from drought-thriving succulents to bright and vibrant wildflowers. Desert plants adapt to their dry, hot environments with complex root systems and other physical mechanisms. Desert flowers make a colorful addition to any dry-climate garden.

Arizona Poppy

Native to Arizona, the Arizona poppy blooms throughout the desert during the summer and autumn months. Also known as the summer poppy and and orange caltrop, the Arizona poppy displays five petals varying from white and yellow to vibrant orange. The foliage grows abundantly and is covered in several fine hairs. An easy flower to propagate, Arizona poppy looks attractive when used in a sunny, elevated flower bed with sandy soil. Planting Arizona poppy in a temperate or subtropical climate requires infrequent watering and gravel to aid in soil drainage.

Brown-Eyed Evening Primrose

A hardy annual plant reaching as tall as 3 feet, the brown-eyed evening primrose presents striking white delicate blossoms with chocolate brown centers. The foliage of the flower grows plentifully and is spring-green in hue. The brown-eyed evening primrose thrives throughout the Mojave desert region and in desert areas below 6,500 feet in elevation. Plant brown-eyed evening primrose in sandy, well-drained soil in parts of your garden that receive full sunlight. The flowers bloom throughout the summer months in desert climates.


Throughout all of the desert regions of the southwest United States, datura, a toxic but attractive flower, thrives. With other names such as Jimson weed, stinkweed and thorn apple, datura produces stout, deep green foliage and trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom in white and purple. A perennial plant often seen growing on desert roadsides, datura shouldn't be propagated near homes that have small children, pets and livestock. Atropine, the active chemical in datura, can stop the heart, alter vision, cause hallucinations and can even cause death.

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