Unusual Types of Flowers

Flowers, with their delicate and colorful petals and delightful scents, stir your emotions. Found in flower beds, florist shops and vases, flowers such as roses, carnations, daisies, snapdragons and baby's breath are common. However, rare and unusual flowers---from oddball blossoms to nearly extinct flora---abound.

American Pitcher Plant

Plants rely on nutrients found in the soil, and when the soil is depleted of these vital nutrients, plants are forced to adapt to their surroundings. The American pitcher serves as an example of plant evolution and survival with its unusual dietary behavior. An unusual, yet attractive vining plant, the American pitcher produces a series of blossoms that contain digestive enzymes for trapping and eating live prey. The carnivorous pitcher flowers of the plant vary in color from bright green to brownish red. American pitcher plants, though unusual, are easily propagated and grown near marshlands, garden ponds and indoor water gardens.

Corpse Lily

The corpse lily, a parasitic plant, presents itself as the largest flower in the world. The flower possesses absolutely no stems, leaves, chloraphyll or any other plant characteristic, and its survival relies entirely on the presence of the Tetrastigma vine. The diameter of the plant reaches as large as a meter and weighing in at as heavy as 25 lbs. In addition to the curiousness of its size and parasitic behavior, the corpse lily produces a putrid stench similar to the smell of a decaying corpse.

Parrot Flower

Known botanically as Impatiens psittacina, the parrot flower resembles a parrot or cockatoo bird in flight. Each bloom of the extremely rare and unusual plant possesses striking and vivid colors, further adding to the flower's resemblance to a parrot. The foliage of the parrot flower plant is deep green, with stems reaching up to 2 feet tall.

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