How to Grow Angel Wing Begonias


With its colorful, eye-catching leaves and clusters of delicate pink, orange or red blooms, the angel wing begonia (Begonia coccinea) is a favored houseplant. In spite of its beauty, the angel wing begonia is easy to propagate from cuttings, and once established, is surprisingly fast-growing, hardy and maintenance-free. If you live in a warm climate where the temperature never falls below freezing, you can grow angel wing begonias outdoors.

Step 1

Propagate angel wing begonia from stem cuttings any time of year. Cut a stem and leaf from a healthy angel wing begonia, and put the stem in a jar or bottle filled with water. Place the jar in a window, but avoid windows that receive hot afternoon sunlight. Watch for the cutting to root in two to four weeks.

Step 2

Plant the angel wing begonia cutting when the roots have grown at least 2 inches long. Fill a 6-inch pot with commercial African violet potting mixture, and plant the cutting in the soil. Be sure to use a pot with a drainage hole.

Step 3

Water the angel wing begonia when the top of the soil feels slightly dry to the touch. Don't water excessively and never allow the bottom of the pot to sit in water.

Step 4

Place the angel wing begonia in bright, filtered light, or in a window that is exposed to morning sunlight. During the winter, move the angel wing begonia to a sunny window to take advantage of the available sunlight.

Step 5

Feed the angel wing begonia every month during active growth, using a water-soluble houseplant fertilizer. During fall and winter, feed the angel wing begonia every other month.

Step 6

Cut the angel wing begonia back once each year to keep the plant from getting straggly. To maintain a naturally shaped plant, cut some of the stems back to just a few inches, trim a few to medium length, and leave a few long stems.

Step 7

Transplant the angel wing begonia to a larger container when the growth begins to slow down considerably, or if you see tiny white roots growing through the hole in the bottom of the pot. Use a container just one size larger.

Things You'll Need

  • Jar or bottle
  • 6-inch container with drainage hole
  • Commercial African violet potting mixture
  • Water-soluble houseplant fertilizer
  • Garden shears
  • Larger container for re-potting


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