Uses for Dried Rose Petals

Roses evoke many emotions and with so many varieties from large double-petal blooms to tiny delicate miniatures to choose from, it is no wonder the flowers are preferred when it comes to special occasions. Roses come in a rainbow of colors with a sweet perfume fragrance, making the dried petals ideal for decorations, keepsakes, romantic moments, gifts and craft projects.

Edible Rose Petals

Use edible rose petals as decorative items for cakes made for special occasions or holidays. The edible petals add a fancy touch to desserts or are served individually as a sweet treat at luncheons, dinner parties or showers. Give an assortment of sugar-glazed rose petals using single or multi-colored petals as a gift.


A combination of fresh rose petals, herbs and spices---such as cinnamon, nutmeg, lavender, sandalwood, lemon or orange peel---and several drops of scented oil placed in a sealed container for 7 to 10 days creates a fragrant potpourri mixture. Fill crystal bowls or small baskets with the potpourri and place throughout the home, allowing the fragrance to fill the air.

Rose Sachets

Fill small mesh or cotton bags with the scented potpourri mixture to create individual sachets. Place sachets in areas to provide a fresh fragrance such as lingerie drawers and pillows or hung in closed areas such as a linen or clothes closet.

Special Occasions

Create a romantic table by scattering petals around each place setting and candles. Use a single color or a combination of colors for the desired effect. For special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings or birthdays, when wrapping a gift, sprinkle rose petals between the sheets of tissue paper. A traditional use in weddings is to scatter petals down the aisle ahead of the bride. After the wedding, throw rose petals, instead of rice, at the couple.

Rose Water

Place red rose petals in cold water, then simmer on low heat for several minutes. Strain the liquid into a spray bottle or mister and refrigerate to cool. Spritz face and neck with the refreshing coolant after a workout, hot shower or anytime to cool the body's temperature. Add fresh rose water to your bath to add a subtle fragrance.


Fresh rose petals, honey, rose water and oatmeal blended together for a creamy consistency works as a soothing facial mask.

Pressed Rose Petals

Using a pressed flower kit, create a design using rose petals then cover the petals with glass and seal for a pressed-flower creation.

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