How to Grow Tomatoes in Hanging Baskets


According to the University of Florida IFAS extension, vegetable crops such as cherry tomatoes and radishes, or herbs such as basil or parsley, can be grown in hanging baskets as a consumable miniature garden. A mini-garden is a practical way to grow crops for people who don't have enough land to install a full garden. Although consumers are increasingly growing full-sized tomatoes and cucumber vines in five-gallon buckets that are suspended from sturdy posts, a more practical plant for a hanging basket is the cherry tomato.

Step 1

Cut the coconut husk lining to fit the shape of the wire hanging basket.

Step 2

Fit the husk lining into the wire basket and place the basket into the lip of a bucket to increase stability while you work. Fill the basket with potting soil.

Step 3

Select a variety of tomato that is suited to growing in a hanging basket. Some ideal varieties of hanging basket tomato include Tiny Tim, Sweet 100 and Micro Tom.

Step 4

Create a planting pocket in the center of your basket for your tomato plant by scooping out soil from the center of the basket. Release the plant from its seedling pot by turning it on its side. Support the stem of the plant with one hand and gently tap the side of the pot to release the root ball. Strip the leaves from the bottom two-thirds of the plant and place the root ball into the planting hole. Bury the root ball and bottom two-thirds of the stem with potting soil.

Step 5

Hang your basket in a sunny location that is sheltered from the wind.

Step 6

Check the soil daily by inserting your finger into the soil up to your second joint to feel for the dryness of the soil and water as needed. The soil of the hanging basket should remain as damp as a wrung-out sponge. During hot weather you may need to water twice daily.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire hanging basket
  • Coconut husk lining
  • Potting soil with water retaining crystals
  • Bucket
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Scissors
  • Trowel


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