Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Think fall and you think of brilliantly colored leaves drifting gently from the trees, cool crisp days and farmer's markets brimming with vegetables, flowers and fruits fresh from the fields. Take a long, deep breath and let out a sigh of relief; the hot sultry days of summer are finally over.

Fall Colors

Emphasize the season with bouquets in fall colors of russets, golds, yellows, oranges, purples and browns. Make the bride's bouquet with burgundy sunflowers, oak leaves, yellow mums and peach roses wrapped in dark brown velvet ribbon. Each bridesmaid carries a single large perfect sunflower tied with brown velvet ribbon. Another alternative for the bride is a bouquet of chocolate cosmos, purple salvia, yellow marigolds and orange roses tied with purple satin ribbon. Bridesmaids carry bouquets of a single flower found in the bride's bouquet. The first bridesmaid has an all-chocolate cosmos bouquet tied with purple satin. The second bridesmaid carries a bunch of purple salvia tied with purple ribbon and so forth.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fall is harvest time. Use fruits and vegetables in the bouquet in a subtle manner so the bouquet doesn't resemble a cornucopia. Small fruits such as crab apples, lemons even small apples can be wired and placed in the bouquet. Wire vegetables such as baby or standard-sized artichokes, baby pumpkins, Japanese eggplant (these are very small) and tiny gourds and incorporate them into the bouquet. Complement a combination of Mexican sunflowers, red dahlias, cream-colored roses and purple statice with small green apples blushed with red. Each bridesmaid's bouquet picks up a color in the bride's bouquet but is made with a combination of flowers rather than just one type of flower. For example: One bridesmaid carries an all yellow bouquet of roses, marigolds and mums. Another has a all red bouquet of roses, mums and carnations.

More Than Flowers

Use materials that fit the season such as wheat, rose hips, russet oak leaves, eucalyptus pods and acorns as accents for bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets. A bouquet of wheat, yellow roses, rose hips, wrapped in grapevines is unusual, beautiful and fits an autumn-themed wedding. Circle the grapevines into wreaths to use as centerpieces for the tables or into garlands decorated with flowers and leaves for the alter. Flower girls and junior bridesmaids carry grapevines twisted into balls that are adorned with yellow roses.

Metallic Accents

Bright gold and silver say Christmas---but burnished gold, vivid copper and deep bronze say autumn. Use metallics as accents in the bouquets through spray-painted leaves, coiled wire around the bouquet handle and loops of wire interspersed through the bouquet. Combine peach roses, copper-wire loops, peach gladiolus and bronze mums wrapped in copper organza ribbon circled in copper wire for the bride. Each bridesmaid carries an identical bouquet of half the size of the bride's.

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