How Do I Keep Deer Out of My Vegetable Garden?


Deer are beautiful until they start eating all the hard work you have put into your vegetable garden. To keep you and them on good terms, you may want to find ways to repel them from your vegetables. Several methods exist for dealing with deer, including repelling them with odors, fences and fear of predators. Like humans, there are certain odors that deer do not like. Since they are prey animals, they are constantly aware of their surroundings and will not go somewhere they feel threatened.

Step 1

Repel deer using odors they do not like. Pepper spray and other repellents aimed at a deer's sensitive sense of smell are available at your local garden supply store. These can be sprayed on and around the plants in your garden safely, and rinsed off when you harvest vegetables.

Step 2

Mix rotten eggs together and put them in a spray bottle. Then, spray them around your garden. Empty spray bottles can easily be purchased at your local hardware store.

Step 3

Smash garlic cloves and scatter them around your garden. In some cases, they may start growing if you leave them whole. You may want to cut them up if you do not want garlic growing in your garden.

Step 4

Erect a 6-foot or taller fence around your garden. Deer can jump, so it is necessary to consider height when you are building a fence. If you have a small garden, this will likely be more cost-effective than if you have a large garden or yard to enclose.

Step 5

Scare the deer away before they come near your garden. Since they are food for a lot of creatures in the animal kingdom, they are naturally cautious. Simply having a dog (or having a friend with a dog who likes to visit) may be enough to keep deer off your property. Hanging cheesecloth bags filled with human hair around your garden can also scare deer off, as humans are predators, too. You can obtain human hair from a local barber or beauty shop.

Tips and Warnings

  • Dogs are wonderful companions. If you have already been considering adopting one, this may be another good reason. However, they are also a big responsibility. Do not adopt a dog simply with the intent of scaring away deer. Be prepared to have a faithful companion that requires loving care and attention if you adopt a dog.

Things You'll Need

  • Fence
  • Human hair
  • Cheesecloth bags
  • Deer repellent sprays
  • Dog(s)
  • Rotten eggs
  • Garlic
  • Spray bottle


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