Flowering Plants in Africa

Africa is a large continent with a variety of climatic and soil conditions. This produces a diversity of plant life from tropical rain forests to savanna to desert scrublands. Africa has a wide range of growing areas. Areas of dry coastlines, wetlands, high mountains and lush river valleys abound. Flowering plants are found growing throughout this continent in nearly ever niche.

Bush Lily

Bush lily (Clivia miniata) is a member of the amaryllis family. The green leaves are wide and strap-like. Small amaryllis-like blossoms cluster together on thick flower stalks in March. The flowers are orange, peach, cream, apricot, red and yellow. The bush lily is a South African native. This plant is slow-growing and extremely difficult to propagate, and can take up to five years for flowers to appear when planted from seed.

Calla Lily

Calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is a perennial flower growing 2 feet tall. Large, green arrow-shaped leaves often have variegated spots. Brightly colored tubular-shaped flower petals curl around a yellow spathe forming a deep cup. The blossoms are pink, yellow, red, purple and white. This lush tropical-looking flower originates in southern and eastern Africa. Its natural habitat is along lakes and wetlands. The cally lily likes moist soil and even grows in shallow water.

Dune Buchu

Dune buchu (Acmadenia obtusata) belongs to the citrus family. This upright shrub grows 13 to 39 inches tall. The evergreen leaves are needle-like surrounded by oil glands. The pink, star-shaped flower has five petals and the blossoms form groups of three to five in a cluster. Dune buchu blooms from April to November. These flowers attract bees and butterflies. Light green capsules form and darken in color when mature. Each capsule produces five shiny black seeds. Dune buchu grows in the dune and limestone hills of South Africa.


Klipvygie (Delosperma lydenburgense) is a flat-growing ground cover. This flower has triangular or cylindrical leaves. Narrow purple petals spread out like rays from the blossom center. Klipvygie flowers in the spring and summer. Klipvygie grows in volcanic soil between 2,400 and 6,500 feet in elevation on the African grasslands.


Rooinaeltjie (Lachenalia bulbifera) is a member of the hyacinth family. The green leaves are egg-shaped with purple blotches on the topside. The thick flower stalk reaches 13 inches tall, topped with tubular red, orange and yellow blossoms. Rooinaeltjie produces round, shiny black seeds. This flower grows in large colonies along the western and southern coastal areas of Africa.

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