Holiday Flower Arrangement Ideas

Flowers brighten the house all through the year. They're especially festive at holiday time. Easter lilies, hyacinths and tulips definitely sing spring. Chrysanthemums go together with Thanksgiving like mashed potatoes with gravy. And it just wouldn't seem like Christmas without poinsettias. Celebrate the holidays with floral arrangements.


Colorful bonnets have long been a part of Easter. Place a waterproof container filled with floral foam inside an upside-down straw hat. Fill with pastel-colored cut flowers. Nestle a small stuffed plush rabbit, chicken or duck in one corner of the arrangement. Add a few tiny colored plastic eggs in among the flowers. Use flowering bulbs in pots as an alternative to the cut flowers. Remove the bulbs from their containers and place them in a plastic-lined hat. Fill in with potting soil and cover with Easter grass straw.

Fourth of July

Stars and stripes shout Independence Day. Fill a star-shaped cake pan or dish with floral foam. Cut the stems of the flowers to 2 inches long. Push the stems into the foam, covering it completely. Use red, white or blue flowers combined or use all the same color flowers. Red roses, white carnations and blue hydrangeas work well. Create a floral flag. Fill a rectangular cake pan with floral foam. Add red and white carnations in rows for the stripes. Press white roses into the upper left hand square where the stars on the flag would be. Fill in around the roses with fresh blueberries set on top of the floral foam.


Hollow out a pumpkin. Take a thin slice off the bottom if need be so the pumpkin is level and doesn't wobble. Place a watertight container inside the pumpkin. It is possible to forgo the container and place the flowers directly in the pumpkin but the water will begin to rot the inside of the pumpkin in a day or two. Flowers do not naturally come in black. Spray paint baby's breath, button mums or mini-carnations black with floral spray. Fill the pumpkin with with sunflowers, yellow mums and orange roses. Accent the arrangement with the black flowers and a big fluffy black bow. For a different look, stencil a black cat, witch or haunted house on the surface of the pumpkin with black and gold paint before filling with flowers. Place mini bouquets in votive candle holders inside hollowed-out baby pumpkins. Or put a candle directly inside the hollowed baby pumpkins and place on a black saucer filled with just a bit of water. Surround the bottom of the pumpkins with orange mini carnations, yellow button mums and miniature sunflowers.

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