How to Store Spring Bulbs


Bright spring bulb flowers like tulips and crocuses add a touch of color to your spring garden. To keep your flowers as lively as possible you should know when to remove the bulbs from the ground and store them and the proper storage method for the bulbs. Depending on the area in which you live, you might have spring bulbs available before the time you should plant them, forcing you to keep the bulbs in storage until planting. Regardless of your reasons for storing your spring bulbs, you can keep them viable for several months.

Step 1

Wait for the spring bulbs to enter dormancy during the early summer as evidenced by a dying back of the foliage.

Step 2

Remove the bulbs from the soil with a spading fork, rinse off the excess soil and pat the bulbs dry.

Step 3

Place one or two bulbs into a paper bag tied shut with a string. Suspend the bags from the ceiling in a cool, dry place such as a basement to keep pests out of the bags.

Step 4

Store larger numbers of spring bulbs in a single layer on top of a window screen. Put the screen in a well-ventilated area away from extremes of heat or cold.

Things You'll Need

  • Spading fork
  • Paper bags or window screen
  • String


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