How to Use Sugar for Weed Control


To remove pesky weeds from our gardens it often seems as if we must choose between hazardous chemicals and hard work. There are more natural alternatives to garden weed control that are pet-friendly and environmentally safe, without hard work. One excellent alternative is sugar.

Step 1

Sugar accelerates activity levels when it is ingested. When the microbes in soil are treated to an excess of sugar, they temporarily over-indulge and the soil they inhabit becomes unusable for a short while. To benefit from this process, spread raw sugar around the base of a weed or small areas of weeds that you want to kill. Allow three to five days before planting in the area (particularly after two to three waterings).

Step 2

Add chili pepper to the sugar mixture if you are concerned about attracting unwanted insects or other visitors. The chili pepper will deter most pests.

Step 3

Add corn meal to your soil once the weeds are dead. Corn meal has a pre-emergent chemical that prevents new weed seeds from emerging.

Things You'll Need

  • Sugar
  • Chili pepper (optional)
  • Corn meal (optional)


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