How to Adjust a Murray Lawn Mower


In order to achieve a healthy, well-manicured looking lawn one needs to cut the grass at the appropriate height. Each cultivar of grass has an ideal height range that allows the grass to thrive and look its best. Lawn mowers come with the ability to change the height of the cut. This enables the user to adjust the height to his or her preference. With today's modern lawn mower models, adjusting the cutting height takes only a few minutes and generally is done without tools.

Step 1

Take the lawn mower to a level, well-lit surface. Make sure the lawn mower is off before adjusting the cutting height.

Step 2

Start at one wheel and disengage the adjuster arm lever from its present setting by pulling the lever away from the gears.

Step 3

Move the adjuster arm lever to raise or lower the cutting height. One direction will raise the cutting height, and the other will lower it.

Step 4

Lock the adjuster arm lever into place by releasing pressure on it and ensuring one of the gears slips through the hole on the adjuster arm lever.

Step 5

Continue to adjust the height at each wheel until the cutting height is uniform at all four wheels.


  • Murray: Operation Manual
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