Parts of a Simple Flower

Flowers are, generally, the reproductive part of a plant. A simple female flower blooms, is pollinated, then produces seeds. A flowering plant can be a female or male and are called imperfect flowers. According to, there are some flowers that are both genders, these are called perfect flowers. When speaking of the parts of a flower, it is not referring to the plant itself, which would have roots and leaves.


The petals are the part of the flower that you enjoy most, as it holds the color that is appealing to you. It also attracts insects. Petals are formed in many different shapes, depending on the flower species. The petals are located between the sepal and the reproductive parts of the flower, in the center.


The sepal is a small leaf, directly under the flower petals. All of the sepal leaves together are called the calyx. It's purpose is to protect the developing flower bud.


The stalk (or stem) holds the flower up, where it can be pollinated by bees or other insects.


The receptacle is the connection between the flower stem or stalk and the flower. Sometimes, as with strawberry blossoms, this becomes a part of the fruit after fertilization.


The central part of the simple female flower reproductive system is called the pistil and is comprised of the ovule(s) and carpel(s).


This the reproductive part (female) of a simple flower. The carpel includes the ovary, stigma and style of the flower. Some flower species have more than one carpel.


The ovary is the part of the simple flower female reproductive system that contains the ovules (eggs). After fertilization, it produces seeds.


This is a long tube at the top of the ovary. Pollen drops onto the sticky stigma, at the top, then down the style, to pollinate the flower.


The male reproductive system of a simple flower is called the stamen. It has two parts within the stamen that produce pollen, the filament and anther.


The anther is the part of the male reproductive section that holds pollen sacs. The sacs release pollen to the outer part of the anther, where it comes in contact with insects. When the insect moves on to a female flower the pollen is transferred.


The stem (stalk) that holds the anther is referred to as the filament.

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