How to Build a Backyard Pond for Waterfowl


Keeping waterfowl on your property such as ducks and geese, brightens up your environment with wildlife, however, waterfowl require special habitat needs. They require shaded areas in which to escape from the sun's harsh rays, and a pond in which to wade and swim. Making a pond for your waterfowl can be a simplistic process with the right items and adequate time.

Step 1

Choose a spot in your yard that receives partial sunlight and partial shade.

Step 2

Dig a hole that matches the dimensions of the children's wading pool. Ordinarily, plastic kid's pools measure approximately 1 foot deep by 5 feet wide. Make the hole about three inches deeper than the depth of the pool.

Step 3

Line the hole with the black plastic. The thick, black plastic will protect the bottom of the pool from rocks, and also prevents weeds from growing up from the ground underneath the pool.

Step 4

Place the pool into the shallow hole.

Step 5

Push the dirt from the hole around the pool to conceal its edges, making it look more natural.

Step 6

Fill with water, and watch as your waterfowl begin to use it.

Things You'll Need

  • Children's plastic wading pool (i.e."kiddie pool")
  • Shovel
  • Black thick plastic (5-by-5-foot sheet)
  • Goldfish (for looks and treats)


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