How to Use Root Stimulator on Live Oaks


Whenever a live oak is transplanted, damaged physically or deprived of water for long periods of time, it is put under a considerable amount of stress. To compensate, many tree owners erroneously give their live oaks fertilizer. But fertilizers stimulate the live oak to produce lots of new growth when it may not be able to spare the energy. Root stimulators, on the other hand, encourage root healing instead of growth. This will help the tree access the water and vital nutrients that will help it get back on its feet.

Step 1

Mark off an area that is 1.5 times the spread of your live oak's canopy. Use twigs, pebbles or string to demarcate the area.

Step 2

Mix the root stimulator with water according to the manufacturer's instructions. Most commercial root stimulators, like QT Root Stimulator, are mixed at a rate of 4 to 5 tbsp. per gallon of water. Newly transplanted saplings generally require 1 gallon of root stimulant solution while adult trees will require around 5 gallons.

Step 3

Pour the root stimulant over the area that you demarcated in step 1. Try your best to spread the solution evenly. It may help to divide the area and the stimulator solution into fourths and apply it section by section.

Step 4

Apply root stimulator to newly transplanted live oaks in this manner once monthly for a year. Trees that are stressed by other factors should only require one application.


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