Sunflower Bouquet Ideas

Easy to grow sunflowers come in many shades from cream to bronze and add a bright note to any décor. Varieties include those that reach 12 feet high with flowers 8 to 10 inches in diameter to dwarf sunflowers only 4 inches across. Plant a selection of different kinds in your garden and your house will be filled with bouquets of sunflowers all summer and fall.

Contrast Colors and Shapes

Contrast the yellows and oranges in the sunflowers with flowers in blue and purple. Bright pinks and reds work as well. Pastel colors get lost next to the vividness of the sunflower. Long spikes of flowers, like snapdragons, delphiniums and larkspur complement the roundness of the sunflowers and lead the eye upward. Anchor the arrangement with a sunflower just above the top of the vase. Purple annual statice, large bronze chrysanthemums and russet fall leaves paired with sunflowers in a hollowed out squash or pumpkin make a lovely autumn centerpiece.

Hand Tied

Arrange a group of seven to a dozen sunflowers so the flowers are all at the same height. Tie the sunflowers together 3 inches below the blossoms and then again 3 inches farther down the stems. Cut the stems to the same length; 12 inches is a good length and works with most vases. Tiers of sunflowers are unusual and fit a modern décor. The first tier is the tallest. Tie three sunflowers together 4 inches below their blossoms. Surround that group with five to seven flowers cut 5 inches shorter than the first group. Tie all the flowers together. The last tier is composed of nine to 11 sunflowers cut 5 inches below the second group. This last group is tied together as well. Place in a sturdy vase. Fill with glass marbles to offset the weight of the top heavy sunflowers.

Rustic Containers

Wooden boxes, a child's toy wagon, watering cans, even a milk bottle become rustic vases for sunflowers. If the container isn't waterproof, use a glass jar inside it for the flowers. Or line the container, such as the wooden box, with plastic. Pack with floral foam. Arrange the sunflowers by poking their stems in the floral foam. Cover any visible foam with greenery. Arrange three to five sunflowers in the bottom of a wooden birdcage in a short vase. Anchor the stems with glass marbles or even gravel so the top-heavy sunflowers don't fall over. Surround the sunflowers with three pots of ivy. Cover the bases of the pots and the vase with sphagnum moss. Trail the ivy up through the bars of the bird cage.

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