Grapevine Garland Ideas

If you grow your own grapes you undoubtedly have grapevines. At the end of the season, when the grapes are dropping their leaves, trim the grapevine back to six to eight leads--branches--for each plant. Save the trimmings and twist them into garlands. If done immediately after trimming the vines, are still pliable and easy to work with.

Valance for Drapes

Drape the garland over the top of the curtain. If a valance is already in place drape it over the valance and the curtain. Secure with safety pins, pinned from the back of the material to the front so it doesn't show. For a different look, select a few fabrics that pick up the colors in the room. Cut into ribbons 3 to 4 inches wide. Weave the fabric through the grapevine so the colors are evenly dispersed. When working with more than one garland, separate each color of fabric in separate piles and divide them among the garlands so you don't get to the last garland and find out you've run out of a certain color.

Swags Over a Bed

Grapevine garlands are light weight so even if they do fall on the bed, no one gets hurts. Fasten the garland on the wall over the center of the bed and then at each end about 6 inches beyond the width of the bed. The top of the garland over the bed should be about 6 feet above the floor. One garland may be used for the center and two additional garlands, one for each side, instead of one very long garland. Attach a bow made from wired ribbon to the center of the top garland. Another idea is to weave the wired ribbon through, over and around the garland as well as tying a bow. Decorate the garland with dried or silk flowers that bring out the color scheme of the bedroom. Lightweight sea shells are a nice touch for a beach décor.

Twine Around Pillars

Twine garland around pillars. Use this idea either outside or inside. Used outside the garland will last two or three years, depending on the weather, before it needs to be replaced.

Light Fixtures

Twine fairy lights through the garland. Use the garland as it is around a chandelier. Twist the garland into a wreath shape and hang. Or fashion the garland into a ball. Attach the ball to a sturdy straight branch. Place the branch into a container filled with dry foam. Cover with the foam with sphagnum moss. This grapevine topiary can be placed anywhere near an electric outlet. Use battery operated lights and it doesn't have to be near the outlet. Hang the balls with battery operated lights outside in the trees for special occasions or parties.

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