How to Make a Cemetery Flower Bouquet


Placing a bouquet of fresh flowers on a grave is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years. The difference between making a floral bouquet for the cemetery and one to give as a gift is that the flowers for the cemetery flower bouquet should be open and at their peak. Also, flowers for a cemetery bouquet need to be well-hydrated so they will last a day or so even in the direct sun. If placing the bouquet in a bronze container attached to the grave site, simply carry a pair of shears and some water with you to the grave site. Fill the container with water and cut the bouquet so it is one and one half times longer than the vase is tall and place in the container.

Step 1

Choose flowers of different sizes to go into your bouquet. Find flowers and greenery with long stems, at least 18 inches long. Also, find several different types of greenery to go into your bouquet. Greenery from perennial evergreen shrubs will last longer after cutting than most other types of greenery.

Step 2

Cut 1/2 inch to 1 inch off the bottom of all flower and greenery stems and place the cut ends in a container of fresh water. Allow the flowers and greenery to hydrate, or take up water, for 24 hours before making the bouquet.

Step 3

Prepare the work space by separating each type of flower and setting them aside on a table. Grab a few stems of the largest type of greenery and set them in front of you. This will be the backside of the bouquet that will have contact with the ground. You do not want any of the flowers to have contact with the ground, only the greenery.

Step 4

Pick up a few of the larger flowers and place them over and within the greenery you have set in front of you. Then, add some smaller filler flowers and medium-sized flowers, alternating layers as you go. As you add more flowers, place each layer of flowers and greenery with the stems a little closer to you. This creates a tiered effect, so each layer of flowers is visible. Also, make the bouquet more of a fan shape than just long and narrow. Remember that you are laying the bouquet on the ground and you want the flowers and foliage to be seen.

Step 5

Tie the flowers together securely with jute or garden twine because it is biodegradable and will not leave litter in the cemetery once the flowers fade. You can wrap several strands of jute or wrap enough jute to make a solid wrap around the stem. Once the jute wrap is completed and tied in a bow or knot, cut off the longest stems of the bouquet at a length that makes the bouquet attractive and balanced, leaving stems of varying length. Unless you are placing the bouquet in a container at the grave site, having stems of varying lengths looks more attractive for this type of bouquet. Loosely wrap the bouquet in two sheets of newspaper and carry to the grave site. Take the newspaper with you when you leave the cemetery or throw away in a trash receptacle.

Things You'll Need

  • Jute
  • Large open flowers
  • Medium flowers
  • Small flowers
  • Greenery
  • Container
  • Floral shears
  • Table
  • Two sheets of newspaper


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