Greenhouse Cultivation


A greenhouse is an enclosed structure made of glass, or plastic roofing and walls, that protects plants grown inside from the weather outside. Energy is trapped inside of the glass and plastic, maintaining a humid and consistent environment for plants. Greenhouses are used to cultivate, or grow, everything from fruits and vegetables to flowers and medicinal herbs.


To get the best environment inside a greenhouse for plant cultivation, the greenhouse must be in an area where it receives the maximum sunlight possible throughout the day. Placing the greenhouse in the south or southeastern portion of a property, near a building or shade trees, will keep the greenhouse from overheating.

Poly House

A poly house is a greenhouse suitable for plants grown in the open field. The bottom of the greenhouse is kept bare so that the earth underneath can be tilled, and plants can be placed in rows. A poly house keeps the plants in a more secure, stable environment than what they would be exposed to in the outside world.

Shade House

A shade house is a greenhouse used to cultivate plants in a warm environment, or during the summer. Flowers and foliages that require shade to grow properly are grown in the shade house to prevent the f flowers and delicate branches from burning.

Low-Cost Greenhouses

Low-cost greenhouses are usually built using recycled material, as well as bamboo and UV film as cladding materials. These do not have complex environmental controls and require a lot of human interaction. They are common in back yards and for DIY gardeners.

Medium and High-Tech Greenhouses

Medium-tech greenhouses are for serious growers who must have a semi-automated greenhouse capable of climate control and some watering. Exhaust fans to move air through the structure are common. These greenhouses are common in dry and composite climate areas. High-tech greenhouses control the environment, watering and ventilation. These include the poly house and the shade house.

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