Tools to Start Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardens soothe the hearts of many enthusiasts during the colder months of the year. Trying your hand at indoor gardening requires scaled down tools closely resembling those used for outside landscaping. You might be tempted to simply use smaller tools from your garden shed. Avoid this practice since soil borne diseases and pests can be transmitted on dirty trowels, shovels, pots and stakes. Indoor gardening can take the form of houseplants or growing seeds for later planting in the early summer garden.


Trowels resemble shovels, except this tool is a hand-held version. Trowels come in plastic or metal models and work well in tight spaces when creating container gardens. This useful tool can be used to scoop potting soil from a container or to dig holes in planting containers. In a pinch, a large metal spoon works well to move dirt around in the indoor garden. Make sure to clean any tool between uses to limit transfer of pests between plants.

Hand Rake

This smaller version of a standard rake smooths potting soil in larger container. Hand rakes feature three to six prongs, hooked at a 45-degree angle to the handle. This useful tool helps the indoor gardener level soil in planting containers and can be used as a cultivator to loosen hardened soil in containers.

Pruning Shears

Pruning shears are basically special scissors used to trim dead portions of plants. These clippers feature sharp, curved blades that make clean cuts when pruning plants. Pruning shears come in a wide variety of models and prices. Frequent use requires a higher quality tool, so consider how often you'll be using the clippers when making this purchase. Pruning shears also feature a range of handle types including plastic, metal or foam cushion for extensive use.

Pots, Containers and Trays

A multitude of different planting containers exists for indoor garden use. These planters differ from outdoor varieties in their basic design. Indoor pots require secure drainage trays to limit damage to carpet and floors. Choose pots with attached bases, or purchase plastic drainage trays to catch water overflow.

Stakes and Wire

Indoor plants suffer through confinement in small containers and still produce beautiful foliage to decorate the interior of the home. These plants often require support as the plant matures in height. Add sturdy plastic or bamboo plants stake to your indoor gardening tool arsenal to keep indoor plants upright. Gardening wire provides a safe, secure way to attach plants to the stakes without damaging the trunk, branches or foliage.

Mist Sprayers

Mist sprayers serve a great purpose in the indoor garden when watering seeds and seedlings. These essential sprayers include empty plastic spray bottles pressed into water service duty or fancy models with brass plungers and sprayers. This tool allows the indoor gardener to control moisture levels easily in bedding trays and to direct a little extra moisture at plants when exposed to the drying air of indoor heating systems.

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