What Flowers Are Best for an October Wedding?

October is a beautiful month for a wedding. The air is crisp and cool. The leaves are turning, adding brightness to the landscape. Fall colors are yellow, burgundy, rust, gold and purple. The selection of flowers from florists in October is wide in variety, type and colors, while home gardens bloom with mums, asters, late roses, lilies and more.


Mums are the flower for fall. The flowers last and the stems are sturdy, making them a good choice for October weddings. The size of the flowers range from 5 inches in diameter for spider mums to an inch across for button mums. Mums may be a single layer of petals like those of a daisy or hundreds of petals arranged in a puff. The plant is a perennial, returning year after year. The blooms are triggered by the days getting shorter. Some mums bloom in spring as well as fall. Chrysanthemums are available in pots during October. An aisle lined with yellow mums in pots wrapped in gold foil makes a lovely display.


Asters bloom from late summer until the first frost. The colors reflect the pallet of fall. The flowers are somewhat delicate with thin stems, so they're not often seen in bridal bouquets. They may be used in vases without a problem. Nosegays of asters in bubble vases makes a nice touch for October weddings.


Roses are the wedding choice of many brides, as these flowers signify love. If using roses in a wedding bouquet, whether for the bride or bridesmaids, make sure all thorns have been removed. Rose have strong stems and the flowers will last out of water for a day if misted. Roses should not be any more expensive in fall and winter months than in spring and summer.


Lilies bloom in early summer but it's not uncommon for a second bloom to burst forth in October. White Casa Blanca lilies are often used in bridal bouquets. Lilies aren't limited to white or pink, but come in colors associated with fall including orange, yellow and peach. The pollen of the lily stains, so remove all pollens before arranging in a bouquet.


Not a flower that typically blooms in October gardens, orchids are tropical flowers and can't stand the cold. Orchids are a popular choice for brides all year long. Orchids range from tiny blooms less than an inch across to giants with frilled petals. They make lovely corsages. A single stem of orchids in a tall vase is a stunning centerpiece for a table at the reception.

Classic Choices

Favorite flowers of brides appropriate to weddings in October include lily of the valley, stephanotis and gardenias---all white---while tulips show the shades of autumn.

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