Ideas for Wedding Flowers & Bridal Bouquets

A wedding without flowers would be a drab affair indeed. Queen Victoria popularized the white wedding dressing. Her dress also had mini bouquets of flowers holding up the flounces. From Victorian times to modern day, flowers are a key ingredient for a beautiful wedding. Whether simple baskets of garden flowers to stunning topiary arrangements, flowers belong in weddings.

Unusual Containers

Floral arrangements usually have nondescript plain green or white holders filled with floral foam that holds the stems of the flowers in place. Instead of that plain-Jane container, use a vase that is part of the wedding's color scheme. Red roses in a red crystal vase are stunning. Blue forget-me-nots in white vases are endearing. Place a bunch of gerbera daisies in a tall, clear, straight-sided vase. Fill the vase with colored glass pebbles, marbles, sea shells or even berries such as blueberries or cranberries. Use fruits and vegetables as the vase. Hollow out medium-size pumpkins and fill with mums for a fall wedding. Small watermelons filled with casual flowers look great as centerpieces for a summer wedding. A pineapple filled with birds of paradise adds a tropical note. Hollowed-out citrus fruits, apples, pears and other sturdy fruits sporting a mini bouquet at each place setting or clustered in the center of the table eliminate the need for a big floral arrangement.

Masses of Flowers or Just One

Instead of formal arrangements, use masses of the same color and type of flower as the centerpiece. The flowers will most likely cost less than floral arrangements since there's very little labor involved. Any large flower will work such as roses, chrysanthemums, peonies and daisies. Short, round vases, even fish bowls, allow the guests to see each other across the table. The opposite works as well. Select one stem of an exotic flower and place in a very tall vase. If the stem isn't long enough, fill the bottom of the vase with clear glass pebbles. The flower should be large. Lilies work well. Casa Blanca and star grazer lilies are huge, up to 8 inches across when fully open. One stem usually has three flowers. Sunflowers would be appropriate for a more casual wedding. Hydrangeas work for a beach-theme wedding.

Simple Bridal Bouquets

The less labor involved in a bridal bouquet the more money can be spent on the flowers themselves. A handheld bouquet is simplicity itself. The stems of the flowers are wrapped closely together, then covered with lace or wrapped in ribbon. The blossoms are all at the same level at the top of the bouquet. The bouquet is easy to carry and can be set down in a vase of water at the reception. Roses work beautifully in a handheld bouquet. Don't skimp on the number of roses, there should be at least a dozen. Other flowers that work are tulips, peonies, calla lilies and orchids.

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