How to Crank a Push Lawn Mower


Push lawn mowers use a starter cord that has a recoil to crank-start the mower. The mower may require several attempts before it will crank, especially at the beginning of the season. When the mower sits for long periods, the fuel evaporates from the engine. The fuel will have to make its way from the fuel tank back to the engine before the mower will start. Check your engine oil level before cranking the mower, and always crank your mower on a level surface.

Step 1

Press the primer bulb three times with your finger. The primer bulb is on the side the fuel tank is mounted to.

Step 2

Adjust the throttle lever halfway between the fast and slow throttle position, if your push mower uses a throttle. The throttle is on the right side of the operator handle.

Step 3

Hold the stop lever against the top of the handle with one hand. The stop lever is the bar directly in front of the mower hand handle.

Step 4

Pull on the starter cord with your free hand five or six times. If the mower does not start, press the primer bulb three more times. A cold engine may require several attempts before the engine will start.

Step 5

Hold the stop lever against the handle and pull the starter cord five times. Allow the mower engine to warm up for one minute before adjusting the throttle and mowing the grass.

Tips and Warnings

  • Keep hands and feet away from the discharge area.


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